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Recently, the machine park has been updated at the plant of JSC "Enerpred", the following machines have been purchased:


  • 3-coordinate vertical milling machining center with CNC "TWINHORN", models: VA-750L3, VTJ-1480. These are multifunctional centers for carrying out a wide range of work with various materials. This equipment allows you to change the type of tool, the angle of rotation of the spindle, the number of revolutions of the milling cutter and perform not only milling work, but also many other operations.


  • CNC lathes "TMT", model: TTB-25AL. The main advantages of this machine are accuracy, high productivity, the possibility of multi-operation machining in one installation and the speed of changeover. The machine allows you to process parts up to 1100mm long and up to 400 mm in diameter.
  • Turning and screw-cutting machine, model: C6163V/3000. It is designed to perform a variety of turning operations on ferrous and non-ferrous metals (turning cones, cutting metric, modular and inch threads). This machine allows you to process parts with a diameter of 630 mm above the bed, 400 mm above the caliper, the maximum length of the work piece is 3000 mm.

  • Electroerosive wire-cutting machines, models: DK7745, DK7735. The machines are used for contour processing of products with high precision and low surface roughness. The maximum height of the parts is 450 mm.

  • Band saw machine, model: BS270SA. The machine allows you to make precise sawing of blanks and metal parts with a diameter of up to 270 mm.

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